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Fourth floor:Rainforest Hall

     It mainly presents rare freshwater fish including Amazon Rainforest Section, Southeast Section, African Section and Choicest Fish Section. 
Amazon Rainforest Section
     It presents the tropical Amazon rainforest landscape together with ancient Mayan culture. You can see the ancient silver arowan titled with “Embodiment of Luck”, pomfret which has similar habits with piranha living in Amazon River Valley, large shape Arapaima which had lived on the earth 0.1 billion years ago, “Living Fossil” fish which can breathe with lunges, garfish with the title of “Iron General” etc. 
Southeast Section
     It has built Japanese style corridors and bridges. And there is Japanese national fish—Cryprinus carpiod and the second-class national protection animal giant salamander under the bridges. 
African Section
     It presents a special tree in Africa called Tree of Life or Baobab Tree for you. And there are various cichlids from Lake Malawi which is one of the three biggest lakes in Africa. Their colors are quite bright including “African Prince”, “African Phoenix”, “Blue Prince”, “Cleopatra”, “Perlmutt Cichlids” and so on which together presents a vivid landscape. 
Freshwater Choicest Fish Section

     It will broaden your outlook with graceful and grand angelfish, Black Ghost Fish which has electricity, saury with the title of “Devil of Nile”, archerfish with unique ability of preying, blood parrot symbolizing the richness etc.

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