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Third floor:Coral Reef Life Hall

Subsea water-eroded cave section and seawater choicest fish section

     Subsea water-eroded cave section has background of stalactite and vividly outlines a corner of the coral subsea water-eroded cave landscape. You can appreciate dozens of precious and unique coral reef fish including the ferocious bullet mackerel, cubical-shaped ostracion cubicus, easily provoked balloonfish, well-known hippocampus, poisonous lionfish, shark eggs, sea sturgeon with horrifying appearance but tamed temperament, echinus, starfish, jellyfish, eel cat etc. 
Touch Pool
     You can not only have close contact with dogfish and ancient China horseshoe crabs in the Touch Pool but also feed sea turtle in person on the 3rd Floor where there are loggerhead sea turtle, green turtle and hawksbill. 
Australian Ecological Great Barrier Reef
     It presents a corner of the biggest Australian ecological Great Barrier Reef in the world with diversified coral reef fish swimming free from care in the beautiful coral thicket. The unique charming scenery of tropical Coral Sea makes people too enchanted and enjoy themselves so much.
Living Coral Section
     It presents various living corals including Bubble Coral, Mushroom Coral, Brain Coral, Elephant Ear Coral, actinia which is the relative of coral etc. In the diversified and colorful coral reef groups, people can also see the “Doctor Fish” which is regarded a good treatment for people and clownfish which keeps company with actinia. 
Waterfall Pool
     The “Angola Waterfall” of the largest head drop in the domestic Ocean Worlds. It has gorgeous and thunderous drisk full of power and grandeur. There are also ancient Russian sturgeons, paddle fish and so on inside the pool.

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